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Guruji's view on spreading "Art of Self Healing""

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji
Art of Self Healing helped my students getting relief from Pain problem so fast, I would like to teach it to all who are doing a course of "Art of Living".
Anna Hazareji
"It is Amazing, Pain and Weakness is experienced by patients so fast by Art of Self Healing, We should teach it to eveybody in country".
Baba Ramdevji
Art of Self Healing is really a very good system of treatment as it gives patients Pain relief in "NO TIME".I would like to teach it to all along with Yoga in my shibir.
Hon'ble Minister Shri J.P Nadda
Honorable Shri J.P Nadda, the Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare being given demo of Art of Self Healing at the Mumbai Airport, He appreciated a lot when he saw that the patient experience pain relief in less than 2 minutes.He promised to bring awareness of this program all over the country.

"About us"

Lions Clubs International is completing 100 years of service to humanity. Lions Club Mumbai Action is affiliated to LCI. It is said, Love all and, for that, one must LOVE SELF first. If one wants to make India healthy, one must keep one's self healthy. Pain and weakness are two early warning symptoms that appear first before a person falls sick. ART OF SELF HEALING guides people to take care of these two health problems by self-treatment. It is also effective in the following:

  • Memory and concentration improvement
  • Eyesight and hearing Improvement
  • Improving performance in sports by Meridian Treatment
  • Reduction / Removal of stress, fear, examination phobia
  • Cramps, sport injuries, sprains
  • All sorts of acute or chronic PAIN problems
  • Takes care of weakness / fatigue
  • Beauty aids
  • Hairfall, ladies' and men's personal health problems

  • Training in all these takes one session in a month and charges for these are usually quite high. Lions Club could arrange lectures in your Institutions or Society at no charge. Once you learn these YOU can teach and treat your community, or start an EARN WHILE YOU LEARN programme. It will bring down school dropouts.

Our Team Members

Lion Dr.Janet Hendricks (President: Lions club Mumbai Action)
Prof. Lion Girdhari Luthria (Secretary: Lions club Mumbai Action)
Lion Annet Fernandes (Treasurer: Lions club Mumbai Action)
Lion Jiger Chawda (1st VP: Lions club Mumbai Action)

Art of Self Healing

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